Like all senses, hearing often plays a critical role in daily life. Unfortunately, many patients, like J.J. Levison, ignore common hearing problems because they don’t like the idea of wearing hearing aids, haven’t found the right pair of hearing aids, or have developed coping skills, like lip-reading. The good news is that Garrett Hearing Aid Center offers free comprehensive hearing evaluations, as well as a wide selection of hearing aids that can help patients, like J.J. Levison, receive the help they need to enjoy playing with their grandchildren and participating in group activities.

J.J. Ignored Common Warning Signs

When J.J. and his family moved to Myrtle Beach more than 2 years ago, he was having a very hard time hearing. To help cope, he “got very good at reading lips.” However, that was not helping him in group situations. The daily communication challenges made it impossible for J.J. to enjoy activities that he once loved. In his words, “For as long as I can remember my wife of fifty years, my children, and my friends have been telling me that I needed help with my hearing.” Fortunately, he discovered Garrett Hearing Aid Center and scheduled an appointment.

Able to Hear All of the Little Things

With the help of his new hearing aids from Garrett Hearing Aid Center, J.J. was able to properly hear the sound of his own voice for the first time in 10 years. Now, he can hear all the things that he had been missing for so many years. From the sounds of mother nature, to hearing how people sound when they are speaking, J.J. is continuously amazed by everything that he had previously been missing. Thanks to the help of Garrett Hearing Aid Center, J.J. no longer has any issue participating in group activities or playing with his granddaughter.

J.J.’s Recommendation

J.J. says that when he went to his appointment at Garrett Hearing Aid Center, they gave him “a real hearing test.” During the test, the hearing specialist revealed that J.J. was simply reading lips and not hearing the actual sounds at all. The next step was to test out a set of hearing aids. Much to J.J.’s delight, the hearing aids allowed him to hear the world around him. His wife of 50 years was finally able to enjoy spending time outside without hearing the T.V. blasting from indoors. When asked if he would recommend meeting with a hearing specialist to anyone suffering from hearing problems, J.J. responded that scheduling his free hearing assessment was “one of the best things I have ever done.” 

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