When you oversee caring for your parents, you want to make sure they receive the best care possible. We recently heard a story from Ruthie, a caretaker for her elderly mother, and wanted to share it. Below is her story about finding the best care for her mother and the impact good care had on her ability to stay connected with the world around her.

Ruthie’s Story: A Caretaker’s Perspective

My mom, Lucille, lived through the Great Depression, which gave her a strong value of the dollar. She has never been someone to spend money on luxuries or non-essentials. But she has also been very careful about her health. As she aged, she realized that the hearing aids she was using weren’t fitting her needs. They were kind of a “one-size-fits-all” hearing aid, and after putting up with it for a couple years, she realized she wasn’t getting the clarity she used to.

From my end, I noticed that when she couldn’t hear well, it was like she left the room. It was a look in her eyes and the engagement she had with the people around her – I could tell she wasn’t able to engage in what was happening.

When we came to the Gainesville U.S. Hearing Solutions office, we knew we were in the right place. Tom treated us like family and explained the options available to my mom. At first, I was worried about the cost, especially since my mom was not prone to expenses, but she said it was a great investment and worth every penny, and I have come to agree with her.

A couple years ago, my mom had a stroke but was able to recover well. During the chaos of moving her to a facility, one of her hearing aids was lost, which made us really worried considering how much we paid for it. But because of the amazing support they have for replacements, the cost was really negligible.

Now my mom talks about “the little man in my ear” which is the little reminder that the batteries need to be changed. Her experience with her hearing aids and with life has changed so much. She is able to stay connected to the family in ways I know we will always appreciate.