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Hearing Aids

Make the connection to personalized hearing.
Our Bluetooth hearing aids make it effortless.

Easily connect

Bluetooth hearing aids (or wireless hearing aids) are designed to easily connect to other Bluetooth enabled technology such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other audio devices.* This gives you more control, ease, and options for your hearing aids than ever before:

  • Receive calls to your hearing aids from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Listen to TV at the volume you want using wireless accessories.
  • Stream music to your hearing aids from your smartphone, tablet, or other device.
  • Control your hearing aids, track your health, and more by connecting to a hearing aid user control app.

*Bluetooth connectivity may vary by device.

Bluetooth benefits

Bluetooth hearing aids help you fully engage with your world:

  • Personalize your hearing experience – streaming lets you hear audio your way, and privately.
  • Stay connected with others by streaming phone calls, video chats and more.
  • Keep your brain fit through more engagement and activity, thanks to connectivity options.

Bluetooth accessories

Connecting to Bluetooth (wireless) accessories makes it easier to control your hearing aids, stream audio and hear others near you. These everyday essentials include:

  • TV Streamer
  • Table Microphone
  • Remote Microphone
  • Mini Remote Microphone
  • Remote

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